Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Expeditions are 3-hour long wind-in-your-hair-style adventures, catered to small groups to provide the most authentic and personalized adventure possible. Recreational, engaging, and fun, our interpretative tours will get our guests a close-up look of wild dolphins, creating memorable and transformative experiences that will last a lifetime. So come on out, breathe the fresh ocean air and enjoy the magnificence of dolphins, sea birds, sea turtles, sharks and sailfish. And don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture it all. Depending on the conditions, we may use a hydrophone to listen to the symphony of sounds beneath the waves. The primary departure locations of our dolphin tours are Harbourside Place in Jupiter, and Sailfish Marina on Singer Island.
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We offer morning, mid-day and sunset tours, which may depart from our Jupiter, Singer Island or West Palm Beach locations.
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We conduct our dolphin tours aboard the 33-ft Osprey, which has an open deck design equipped with comfortable, individual padded jockey seats that come with cushioned backrests. This custom-designed inflatable offers you a first class marine adventure that’s safe, educational and fun for the whole family. Modeled after fast-response Coast Guard rescue vessels, the Osprey combines speed with extraordinary stability while cruising at up 25-35 knots. The vessel is inspected annually by the Coast Guard.


Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours is dedicated to helping everyone learn about the abundant marine wildlife native to the Palm Beaches, including bottlenose dolphins, sea birds, sea turtles, and the occasional Atlantic spotted dolphin, sharks and sailfish.

The local bottlenose dolphin population comprises more than 600 individuals, including males, females and their offspring. Some dolphins appear to utilize the area on a daily basis, others may be around only occasionally, or even only once every two years.

Read on to learn more about dolphins and their marine companions.

Bottlenose dolphins
Atlantic spotted dolphins
Atlantic Stingray
Bluntnose Stingray
Brown Pelican
Common Dolphin
Double-Crested Cormorant
Atlantic Devilray
Flying Fish
Magnificent Frigatebird
Oceanic Manta Ray
Hawksbill Turtle
Herring Gull
Humpback Whale
Leatherback Turtle
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Pygmy Sperm Whale
Roughtail Stingray
Seaweed and Sargassum
Small-Tooth Sawfish
Southern Stingray
Sperm Whale
Spinner Shark
Spotted Eagle Ray


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