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Everything you need to know to go on a dolphin expedition

We encounter dolphins at any time of the year. Our sighting success is at 85-90% for viewing bottlenose dolphins between the Palm Beach and Jupiter Inlets. In addition to bottlenose dolphins we may encounter Atlantic spotted dolphins and other wildlife, including sea turtles, whose nesting season last from March through September.

At the moment we do not offer a shuttle service for our guests. Please check with your hotels if they offer any courtesy shuttles to our departure locations in West Palm Beach and Jupiter.

The warm waters off the coast of Palm Beach County provide a fantastic place for dolphin watching. An encounter with these beautiful, intelligent creatures is very common, and at times absolutely epic.

Please note that even though we almost always encounter dolphins (we see dolphins 90% of the time), mother nature does not guarantee anything. We have unique, decades-long experience in locating dolphins in the wild, however because they are not constantly tracked by sonar, boat or aerial surveillance, they can be elusive at times. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you will see dolphins, but we offer all of our guests who don’t, another free tour contingent on the following:

  • Guests are booked on a stand-by basis subject to available capacity
  • Non-transferable (photo ID may be required at check-in).
  • Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours reserves the right to alter or cancel departures of any trip based on weather conditions, mechanical problems or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours offer is valid for life and does not expire.

There are many ways to get to Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours and we encourage you to take the most environmentally friendly route! Are you within walking distance? Consider a lovely stroll to either of our locations. If you are with friends, consider carpooling. Need further directions? We’re happy to help!

Exciting, and sometimes quite adventurous. Depending on the weather and sea conditions the experience may be smooth, hot and dry, wild and wet, or a combination of the two. Passengers may be splashed at some point along the route. Morning tours are usually calmer than those in the afternoons.

Typically, we leave through either the Palm Beach or the Jupiter Inlet, and our route then takes us along the coastline, typically within 5 miles of the beach.

During the summer, late May through late October, Florida experiences hot and humid weather conditions and sun protection becomes an important consideration. Light clothing that covers your skin, hat and safe footwear are recommended. If you want to stay dry, bring a light jacket that protects you from water spray.

During the winter months, the temperatures may drop into the 70s and long pants, shirt and even bringing a sweater may be a good idea. We always recommend you wear sun/UV protection.

Yes. All passengers are provided with an inflatable PFD (Personal Floatation Device) for comfort and safety.

Sunglasses, camera, binoculars, tight fitting hat, sunscreen and a sense of adventure!

Depending on which tour you are on, boarding will take place at one of our three locations: Jupiter Inlet, Singer Island, or West Palm Beach. Details are provided on the booking site.

We don’t own any parking facilities, but public parking is available. Details are available on the booking site.

Sometimes, yes. Our boat is equipped with a hydrophone (an underwater microphone) that is lowered into the water when we’re near a pod of dolphins. If the dolphins are vocalizing, the sound is picked up by the hydrophone and amplified for you to hear.

We often encounter sea turtles and birds, at times sharks, flying fish and other sea life.

And then there are fishing vessels, sailboats, yachts of all descriptions, the famous Jupiter Lighthouse, waves, reflections, mirages, sunsets, cloud formations, an ever-changing seascape, not to mention our very entertaining crew!

Here at Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours we believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge about dolphins, the coastal waters and its marine life with our passengers. That’s why we’ve developed interpretation tours that make it an enjoyable and interesting learning experience for our guests.

Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours uses ultra-quiet Yamaha four-stroke engines that create minimal disturbance to the marine wildlife. They minimize vibration and run very quietly, allowing our passengers to hear what’s going on above and below the water. The engines also deliver superior power, are very fuel efficient and clean, exceeding the U.S.A. Federal EPA emission standards.

Unlike humans who are automatic breathers even while we’re asleep, dolphins are voluntary or “conscious” breathers, who allow only one half of their brain to sleep at a time. The unconscious side of their brain rests, while the active or conscious side regulates breathing and other bodily functions.

Our brand new 33-ft Osprey is modeled after fast-response Coast Guard rescue vessels. It has an open deck design with padded jockey seating that come with cushioned backrest and are very comfortable. The Osprey was put into service in April 2017. This custom-designed inflatable offers you a first class marine adventure that’s safe, educational and fun for the whole family. The boat combines speed with extraordinary stability while cruising at up 25-35 knots. Our vessel is inspected annually by the Coast Guard.


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